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bread shop

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Title: 781-PICT2640
Caption: bread shop
Licence: Rights Managed
Author: Giovanni Guarino
Release: Signed model and property release
Bakery, bread, loaves, loaf, organic, co, baton, rustique, rye, wholemeal, sourdough, soda, shop, window, prices, wholesome, healthy, food, eating, Italian, European, Europe, naplese, Appetising, Choice, Charcuterie, Display, Delicatessen, Deli, Food, Gourmet, Grocery, Groceries, Local, Produce, Retail, Retailer, Selection, Shop, Shopping, Small, Business, Store, Storefront, Traditional, Window, Travel, French, sticks, bread, breads, rolls, brown, dietary, food, foods, fresh, gourmet, grain, grains, loaf, loaves, nourishment, nutrition, shop, nutritional, plentiful, pumpernickel, delicatessen, trading, deli, loaf, selling, business, work, bakerybake, baked, good, baked, goods, baked, bakery, baking, Bay, Area, bread, breads, cake, cakes, California, Californian, calorie, calories, carb, carbohydrate, carbohydrates, carbs, cities, city, cityscape, cuisine, culinary, delicious, destination, modern, design, art, architecture, comunication, European, European, Union, food, foods, foodstuff, foodstuffs, for, sale, holiday, holidays, Italia, Italian, Italiano, Italie, Italy, kitchen, bake, bakery, baking, bread, breads, cook, cooking, cuisine, culinary, Italian, Italy, bake, bakery, bread, bun, carbohydrate, ciabatta, cookies, desert, display, food, fresh, goods, homemade, label, loaf, merchant, pastry, price, retail, roll, shelf, shop, travel, Food, Beverages